Hotel near Nation Paris, an emblem of the Nation

Hotel near Nation Paris ? Look no further than the elegant Grand Hotel du Bel Air, which is just a few steps from the Place de la Nation, a part of Paris which is rich in history. Here twelve stately avenues converge like the spokes of a huge wheel, leading to different parts of the capital: Bercy, Bastille, Oberkampf, Ménilmontant. But you’ll find it well worth your while to explore the Place de la Nation first.

Hotel near Nation Paris, steeped in history

During the Middle Ages the land on which the Place de la Nation now stands was owned by the Abbey of Saint-Antoine, and was well outside of the city walls. In 1660 a throne was erected here to grant a suitably royal welcome to the Sun King Louis XIV and his new bride Marie Theresa of Spain. Thus it became known as the Place du Trone (‘throne’).

During the French Revolution the area was renamed Place du Trone Renverse (’throne overturned’) in keeping with the spirit of the times, and a guillotine was built there which claimed over a thousand victims. The site became integrated with the city during the boundary redefinition of 1860. On the French National Day of 1880 the place received the name it still bears today.

In the centre of the Place de la Nation stands the masterpiece of the brilliant French sculptor Aime Jules Dalou. The Triumph of the Republic is cast in bronze and depicts the icon of Liberty known as Marianne. She stands facing the former site of the Bastille atop a globe set in a chariot drawn by lions. Other symbolic figures represent Justice, Labour and Abundance. Ornate and dynamic, this is an exquisite work of art which should not be missed.

The Grand Hotel du Bel Air is a hotel near Nation Paris

Staying in the welcoming ambience of the Grand Hotel du Bel Air you will be well placed for visiting the Place de la Nation, which is also convenient as a transport hub for reaching all other parts of Paris.




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